Each year we invite curators or other creative practitioners working within a particular field or theme. These in turn convene a group of participants to stay at the property. The convener has broad discretion to determine the residency’s form, including length or periodicity, amount of solitary and group time, cross collaboration, and other parameters.

While we are still preparing the infrastructure of this venue, our current hosting capacity is limited to maximum 10-day periods in the months of June–August 2023 for between 4 to 6 persons. We can accommodate more if guests are comfortable with rustic conditions, i.e. camping. While we are not yet able to offer financial assistance, we can offer letters of commitment to other institutions. When current renovations are complete, this page will be updated with details on the land, the structures on it, and the types of accommodation we can provide.

We do not have a formal application process. Instead, we invite you to take a look at our current interests. And if you see anything that resonates with your work, please don’t hesitate to send us a proposal.


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