Deurendis is an independent, artist-run venue for curated residencies, collaborative gatherings, and land stewardship. That said, we are as interested in process as we are in product. We support many types of work, as well as many things that might not look like work. Here are some examples of what that could mean:

Curated residencies may be short- to-medium-term residency programs conceived independently and proposed by external, independent artists, organizers, educators, curators, caregivers, and other practitioners of creative and care work. 

Collaborative gatherings are shorter-term events like convenings, conferences, retreats, summits, ceremonies, and other experimental gatherings of people that may be one-off, ongoing, or periodic, with some collaborative aspect to their conceptualization, production, or participation.

Land stewardship means for us the practice of cohabiting and caring for land with the multispecies communities that share it, adjoin it, and are affected by it, in recognition of the histories of ecological relation and inequitable access to land, and in contrast to the conventions of legal relation implied by the term “ownership”. Whether acting directly upon the land or not, everything we do here—residencies, gatherings, etc.—is informed by an ethic of stewardship.

What would you do with this venue if you had use of it for a short period of time? What sort of residency, gathering, or stewardship program might you conceive? Send us a proposal.

Deurendis is a project of FICTILIS.


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