Our current research stems from ongoing interests and past projects that relate to the loosely organized themes and keywords below. This list should give you a sense of the type of work we want to support by providing space and accommodations at the Deurendis site. 

  • “confluency” or intersections of social and ecological issues
  • energy, landscape, and other ecological "literacies"
  • urban-rural nexus: hinterlands, infrastructures, and peri-urban collaboration
  • multi-species migration, place, and concepts of “home”
  • biocultural restoration, eco-cultural heritage, and local/indigenous-centered land rights and management
  • burnout, and relationship between rest and movement in histories of fugitivity and “retreat”
  • manual labor, caloric labor, labor intensity, and non-fossil/capital regimes 
  • place and non-place, localized globalisms, internationalism and solidarity 
  • alternative ceremonies, rituals, and the design of liminal experiences

This list is non-exhaustive and will continue to change and expand as the project grows. We may occasionally elaborate on some of these themes to issue theme-specific calls for residency and event programs.


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