We are at the beginning of a process, so this site currently expresses many intentions and visions for the future. As our ongoing interests materialize into projects, some of those will be listed here. For now, some things that are starting to take shape:

  • a biocultural restoration project in the northern Catskills to remove itadori stands that threaten riparian areas and plant willows, while exploring creative uses of both
  • an event centered around the annual vernal migration of amphibians in upstate New York (between March 15 - April 15, depending on very specific weather conditions)
  • a gathering of theorists and practitioners of “low impact web” practices, or the design of websites, apps, and infrastructures to recognize and reduce environmental impacts including usage of land, energy, water, etc.
  • several artists-designed on-site garden experiments that facilitate research and thinking around various topics (plants & trauma, satellite and space-derived plants, etc…)


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